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steam creokit engineering explored kit - 15 child

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This kit excites and engages students in the fascinating world of engineering. A career in engineering is often overlooked by students as they don’t understand or appreciate how interesting and varied it can be. Cerokit aims to change that with this kit. We introduce students to civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering through hands-on projects and guide them in a range of design challenges aimed at tapping into their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

• Our biggest, most comprehensive kit

• Suitable for ages 10 and up from year 6 to year 11

• A minimum of 20 activities/lessons

• Along with lesson plans, videos and project sheets, the kit comes with challenge cards to extend students in engineering concepts

• Topics covered include hydraulics, simple machines and basic engineering principals enabling students to develop more complex projects.

• The kit comes in 2 options – for 15 or 30 kids

• All materials are doubled for the 30 child kit

Here’s some neat project ideas!

This kit gets kids to think, plan and design like engineers with challenge cards to solve real life problems. They can also use the kit to make robots, furniture, aircraft, lift systems, bridges, cars, hydraulic machines. The list is endless and dependant on the student’s imagination.

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