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steam creokit circuits mastered kit - 15 child

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This kit builds on the knowledge gained in our Exploring Circuits kit, exposing students to more complex circuits and projects. The kit also introduces students to alternate forms of energy, specifically solar and integrates this technology into their projects. To ramp up their designs we introduce the topic of gears and delve into engineering.

• Suitable for ages 8 and up from year 4 to year 11

• A minimum of 10 activities/lessons

• Within each of these there are multiple activities and projects

• The kit comes in 2 options for 15 or 30 kids

• All materials are doubled for the 30 child kit

• Entry level kit

• Projects covered are vehicles, drones, larger robots and solar powered machines. However, students are encouraged not to limit themselves to these projects and to use the materials to make their own projects.

Here’s some neat project ideas!

This kit follows on from their previous knowledge and covers more complex electrical projects. We encourage them to take their new skills to design their own models and projects. Suggestions are drones, robots, aircraft, lift systems, pulleys, cars, solar chargers, solar powered machines. The list is endless and dependant on the student’s imagination.

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