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7th Aug 2023

The Kupu Words Series: Experience Literacy Success

An Integrated Approach to Literacy Development

Making Literacy Learning Fun and Easy Qizzle brings you the Kupu Words Series, a set of three engaging workbooks that support your student's journey into the world of words. These books are designed with structured literacy in mind, a proven approach that helps kids understand all aspects of reading and writing - from spelling out words, and making sense of sentences, to getting the hang of grammar. The series includes 'Kupu Words 1 (Year Levels 0-2), 'Kupu Words 2 (Year Levels 3-4), and 'Kupu Words 3 (Year Levels 5-8). Each book is packed with fun learning activities that are just right for your child's age and stage, making literacy learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience."

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Kupu Words 1 (Year Levels 0-2)

Kupu Words 1 is ingeniously crafted for our youngest learners, laying a solid groundwork for their literacy journey. Its unique features include alternately lined and blank pages that accommodate a variety of learning activities. The 14mm line spacing is ideal for early writers, providing ample room to form letters and words correctly. Within these wide lines, smaller dotted lines assist children in controlling the size of their letters, promoting better handwriting habits from the start. Furthermore, margin dots serve as a guide for young writers, aiding them to maintain their place on the page and preventing words from 'floating' or 'sinking'.

Inside the front cover, students will find helpful charts for blends and digraphs, complete with examples. These charts offer additional practice in recognizing and understanding these crucial elements of early literacy development.

The laminated back cover serves as a colourful and interactive space for children to practice essential sight words. This focus on sight words forms a foundation for young readers, enhancing their fluency and comprehension skills.

Inside the back cover of Kupu Words 1, there's a dedicated space for students to write their learning goals, fostering a sense of responsibility and focus in their studies. An alphabet chart showcases both upper-case and lower-case letters with corresponding example words. Each example word is paired with a te reo Māori translation and a matching picture, enriching students' vocabulary while promoting cultural inclusivity.

Here's an example of how you can use this book: When introducing a new sight word, such as 'the', you can guide the student to write 'the' in one of the shapes on the back cover. This colourful and personalized space becomes a quick reference for the student, reinforcing their understanding of sight words through frequent practice.

Kupu Words 2 (Year Levels 3-4)

Kupu Words 2 is a comprehensive literacy tool, designed to take students through the next stages of their literacy development. The book's 10mm line spacing is ideal for this age group, providing a suitable space for developing handwriting skills.

The inside front cover introduces active reading strategies to the students. These strategies, including predicting, connecting, questioning, monitoring, summarising, and visualising, help enhance students' comprehension and engagement with texts.

On the laminated back cover, Kupu Words 2 provides a space where students can set and visualise their learning goals. This fosters an attitude of self-reliance and determination in the students as they learn the value of setting and achieving objectives.

The inside flap attached to the laminated back cover is another resourceful feature. It not only offers space for writing learning goals but also provides an insightful guide to the writing process. Steps like planning, drafting, revising, receiving feedback, editing, publishing, and reflecting are clearly outlined to help students understand and apply this process in their writing tasks.

In addition, the flap features a handy writing checklist. It prompts students to consider important elements such as the use of capital letters, full stops, finger spacing, careful spelling, sound recognition in words, and neatness.

The inside back cover, meanwhile, presents students with fundamental grammar lessons on parts of speech, and a chance to personally engage with these concepts by recording their favourite verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. It also includes an explanation of simple, compound, and complex sentences, which encourages students to use a range of sentence structures in their writing.

Here's an example of how you can use this book: During a writing task, encourage students to use the writing process guide and checklist on the inside flap. For instance, during the revision stage, they can refer to the checklist to ensure they've used capital letters and full stops correctly, checked their spelling, and maintained neatness.

Through its rich array of features, Kupu Words 2 offers a thorough and interactive approach to literacy learning, helping students build solid foundations for their future education.

Kupu Words 3 (Year Levels 5-8)

Kupu Words 3, designed for the blossoming literate minds in year levels 5-8, builds on the foundational skills developed with Kupu Words 1 and Kupu Words 2, providing advanced tools and techniques to deepen their literacy understanding.

The book's layout, including 8mm line spacing, is perfectly suited for the more mature writing style of this age group, providing ample space for them to practice and refine their writing abilities.

The inside flap attached to the laminated back cover provides space for students to set their learning goals, personalizing their literacy journey. On the other side of this flap, Kupu Words 3 provides a guide to figures of speech, complete with explanations and examples for each type, enabling students to experiment with more complex and creative forms of expression.

The front inside cover presents a comprehensive set of reading response questions for both fiction and non-fiction texts. These prompt deeper engagement with the reading materials, challenging students to analyse, evaluate, summarise, and make connections, thereby sharpening their critical thinking and comprehension skills.

Turning to the back inside cover, students will find an insightful section on parts of speech, detailing nouns, adjectives, verbs, proper nouns, pronouns, and adverbs, along with an area to record their favourite instances of these. It also breaks down sentence structures, explaining the components of simple, compound, and complex sentences.

As for the laminated back cover, it is a powerful tool to reinforce active reading strategies. With a clear heading of 'Active Reading Strategies', the back cover presents eight interactive boxes, each detailing a different strategy – Predicting, Visualising, Connecting, Questioning, Making Inferences, Summarising, and Synthesising. This tactile, easy-access guide aids students in becoming more effective and involved readers.

Here's an example of how you can use this book: During reading assignments, students can refer to the laminated back cover for active reading strategies. For instance, while reading a chapter, they can practice 'Predicting' to guess what will happen next, 'Visualising' to create a mental image of the events, or 'Questioning' to clarify their understanding. Such an approach can greatly enhance their reading comprehension and engagement with the text.

Kupu Words 3 not only supports students in honing their literacy skills but also fosters a love of language and learning, preparing them for the more complex linguistic tasks ahead.

Unlocking Literacy Success with the Kupu Words Series

To sum it up, Qizzle's Kupu Words Series is a game-changer. It's not just about literacy—it's about building confidence, understanding, and a love for learning. These workbooks guide students step by step, helping them grow their skills at every stage. They support structured literacy, an approach that covers everything from spelling and writing to reading and understanding vocabulary. The Kupu Words Series helps students connect the dots between letters, sounds, and meanings, making learning to read and write more natural and engaging. Ready to see the difference the Kupu Words Series can make? Contact your account manager today for free samples. Let's start building a brighter educational future for our students, one word at a time

posted by Hamish

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