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25th Aug 2023

The Advantages of the Tau Numbers Series

The quest for impactful educational tools is an enduring challenge for today's educators. Enter the Tau Numbers series: a groundbreaking collection of exercise books that not only meet but exceed the diverse educational needs of New Zealand's youth from Year 0 to Year 8. Crafted with the collective wisdom of seasoned teachers, these books combine robust durability, cultural inclusivity, and innovative pedagogical features to offer an unparalleled learning experience. In this article, we'll delve into the shared attributes that make the Tau Numbers series a standout, while also spotlighting the unique elements, activities, and educational strengths of each individual book

Each book in the series features a robust 350gsm laminated cover fastened with four staples for added longevity. Their A4+ dimensions accommodate gluing worksheets and activities without requiring trimming. Cultural inclusivity is also emphasized through the integration of Te Reo Māori elements. Each book includes a unique fold-out flap for goal setting which serves as a continuous visual aid for both students and educators.

View Tau Numbers 1

Tau Numbers 1: designed for Year 0 to 2 students.

Crafted to meet the diverse needs of young learners, Tau Numbers 1 blends rigorous numeracy education with an inclusive, interactive approach that encourages holistic cognitive, social, and cultural development.

The book alternates between 10mm Quad and Blank pages, accommodating various teaching methods and learning styles. Each Quad page also includes a section at the bottom for teacher feedback or student reflection, enhancing the interactive learning experience. A set of numbers from 1 through to 20 is also provided at the bottom for easy prompts and additional numeracy practice.

The front cover incorporates Te Reo Māori, promoting everyday use and cultural inclusivity right from the get-go. On the flip side, a reusable, fully laminated clock on the back cover serves as an invaluable, interactive tool for teaching the essential life skill of time-telling.

The inside front cover is equipped with number lines ranging from 1-10 and 1-20, and a handy hundreds board. These visual aids support immediate reference for basic counting, addition, and subtraction, as well as spatial understanding — which is crucial for grasping foundational numeracy concepts.

In recognition of Aotearoa’s rich cultural diversity, the inside back cover features a list of Te Reo Māori vocabulary that pertains to numbers, shapes, and colours. This inclusion not only aids in numeracy but also fosters a greater understanding and respect for Māori culture.

One of the unique features is the fold-out flap designed to display the students' goals. This flap serves as a constant reminder, motivating students and aiding teachers in tracking and assessing progress. On the opposite side of the fold-out flap, a dot-to-dot activity offers additional cognitive and fine motor skill development opportunities.

Pedagogical Benefits: Learning Activities in Action

Activity: Utilize the Quad pages for structured exercises, like writing down numbers or performing simple arithmetic. Meanwhile, the Blank pages can be used for drawing activities to introduce basic geometric shapes.

Example: On the Quad pages, have students practice writing numbers from 1 to 20. On the Blank pages, they can draw circles, squares, and triangles and count the sides aloud.

Pedagogical Strength: The dual nature of the pages accommodates various learning styles, providing room for both structured and freeform educational exercises. This is particularly effective in developing not just number sense but also spatial awareness and geometric understanding.

View Tau Numbers 2

Tau Numbers 2: designed for Year 3 to 4 students.

Tau Numbers 2 offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for Year 3-4 math education. Its robust construction, pedagogical versatility, and cultural sensitivity make it an invaluable asset for educators committed to delivering the highest standards of math education.

The Tau Numbers 2 exercise book features alternating 7mm Quad and Blank pages. This thoughtful design accommodates diverse teaching methods and learning styles. The Quad pages include pre-printed margins and a dedicated feedback or reflection area, enhancing the interactive learning experience.

The front cover of the book integrates Te Reo Māori, fostering a daily habit of cultural inclusivity from the get-go. In a classroom as diverse as New Zealand’s, this is not just an addition; it’s a necessity.

The inside front cover is not just a cover; it's an interactive learning aid with Place Value Houses and a multiplication chart, providing students with immediate reference tools that cater to the Year 3-4 curriculum requirements.

The back cover of Tau Numbers 2 is a multi-functional learning hub. It features a laminated clock for practice in telling time and the inside back cover offers a range of quick-reference tools to enrich the learning experience. This includes a hundred’s board counting from 0 to 100, as well as a bilingual (English and Te Reo Māori) Colour and Shapes board and a counting board that counts up to 20.

Unique to Tau Numbers 2 is its fold-out flap designed for goal setting, serving as a constant visual reminder of objectives for both students and teachers. On the opposite side of the fold-out flap contains bullet point statements designed to cultivate a growth mindset in young learners.

Pedagogical Strength: Place Value Houses in Action

Activity Example: Use the Place Value Houses for hands-on activities such as assembling multi-digit numbers using counters or paper cut-outs.

Pedagogical Strength: The interactive nature of Place Value Houses allows for a tactile and visual approach to understanding the concept of place value. This aids in the cognitive development of students by encouraging active engagement with core math concepts.

View Tau Numbers 3

Tau Numbers 3: designed for Year 5 to 8 students.

Crafted specifically for Year 5 to 8 Students Tau Numbers 3 combines academic activities with age-appropriate, interactive features like problem-solving strategies, goal-setting flaps, and spaces for self-evaluation.

Each page is meticulously designed with 7mm Quad squares, providing ample space for calculations, graphs, and visual problem-solving. The pre-printed margins and dedicated spaces for feedback or reflection encourage a structured yet interactive learning experience.

The incorporation of Te Reo Māori on the front cover encourages the everyday use of the language, fostering a culture of inclusivity in diverse New Zealand classrooms.

The inside front cover is an educational resource, featuring place value houses and multiplication charts. Students can refer to these while working on activities, making the learning process more efficient and effective.

The inside back cover of the Tau Numbers 3 exercise book features a "Maths Chit Chat" section, designed to equip students with the vocabulary for meaningful math discussions. These prompts encourage deep thinking and articulate communication about mathematical concepts, serving as a quick reference for both classroom dialogue and self-directed learning. This unique feature enriches the learning experience by emphasizing not just computational skills, but also the often-overlooked aspect of communication in math education.

The back cover of the Tau Numbers 3 exercise book serves as a multi-functional educational resource, featuring a chart on fractions, decimals, and percentages. This chart illustrates the multiple ways a whole can be represented, serving as a quick, easy-to-access reference for students.

The fold-out flap is an innovative addition designed for goal setting, serving as a daily visual reminder for students and educators alike, making the journey toward academic success more directed and tangible. The opposite side of the fold-out flap features a valuable list of problem-solving strategies designed to guide Year 5-8 students through the often-challenging process of mathematical problem-solving. Laid out in an easy-to-read numbered list.

Pedagogical Strength: Problem-Solving Strategies in Action

Activity Example: Utilize the 7mm Quad pages for structured exercises like plotting graphs or solving equations. On the same page, students can write down the problem-solving strategy they employed, such as 'Work Backwards' or 'Identify a Pattern'.

Pedagogical Strength: The marriage of structured learning with active reflection on problem-solving strategies fosters a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This not only helps in academic performance but also in the development of critical thinking skills.

Ask For Samples: Take the First Step to Transform Your Classroom

The Tau Numbers series is not just an assortment of exercise books; it's a comprehensive educational toolkit designed to enrich and support the New Zealand math curriculum from Year 0 to Year 8. Each book is meticulously designed to be durable, culturally inclusive, and pedagogically robust. Whether it's Tau Numbers 1 with its basic number lines and hundred’s boards, Tau Numbers 2 with its focus on place values and growth mindset, or Tau Numbers 3 with its advanced problem-solving strategies and mathematical vocabulary—each book offers distinct activities and pedagogical strengths tailored to their respective age groups. The series is replete with interactive features like goal-setting flaps and valuable learning aids printed right on the covers, making it an indispensable resource for both educators and students.

Don't just take our word for it; experience the innovative features and pedagogical strengths of the Tau Numbers series for yourself. Contact your account manager today to request free samples and elevate your educational journey.

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